Free Tools

a semi-organized running list of free tools, resources, & syllabi

tools for converting/formatting file formats

tools for sharing code

  • Gist — easily shareable code sketches
  • Pastebin — for sharing multiple lines of code in IRC




  • pypi — python’s module repository
  • Tree-cli — node module that makes an indented directory tree
  • httpbin — post to a test server
  • Word Counter — counts word frequency, makes word clouds, etc.
  • Wavelength Frequency Calculator — helpful for making radio antennae
  • Wood Gears — template generator if you need to 3D print gears with specific dimensions
  • — wireframe sketching
  • Fritzing — circuit board sketches
  • CoolTerm — serial monitor with ASCII, hex, binary viewing capabilities


Math Techniques for Computer Science — Margaret Wright, NYU

Understanding Networks — Tom Igoe, ITP

Intro to Physical Computing — Tom Igoe, ITP

Intro to Computational Media with p5.js — Daniel Shiffman, ITP

Comm Lab: Video and Sound — Marianne Petit, ITP

Designing Digital Communities — Francis Tseng, The New School

Social Hacking — Lauren McCarthy, ITP

Reading and Writing Electronic Text — Allison Parrish, ITP

Systems for Reporting — Derek Willis, University of Maryland

ProPublica Summer Data Institute — course materials