researching online discussion platforms

each person in my “personal narratives” class was assigned a role in the class based on our personal histories and the roles we’ve played in our lives up to this point. i was assigned the role of blog editor, which means i’m responsible for keeping my classmates engaged in discussion between classes.

there’s not an existing blog, so i’m wondering what the best platform is for this kind of thing. i actually think tumblr is the best designed of the popular, free, social media platforms right now. the interface makes it easy and fun to contribute with text, photo, and video from mobile or a computer. but i’m not sure how conversations would work on tumblr. i’ve been looking at a few different wordpress plugins for comments and forums, including one called muut.

first class with anna deveare smith

i’m taking a performance class with anna deveare smith called “personal narratives, global identities.” why? because performing scares me, has always scared me. because in november, after she spoke to our class, i wrote her a very long thing and she wrote me back encouraging me to apply to be in the class and saying:

tell people to sign up who you think
Are risk takers
Have a sense of humor
Get caught in a project they are developing and work hard
Have a life problem to solve
Are generous 
Enjoy  food  ( we eat together sometimes) 
Will talk you honestly re what they think about your work in a challenging but kind way. 

because her compassion and understanding of human nature just radiate from her body and her speech. because she’s rigorous and strategic. because she’s doing important, complicated work in the world.

i’m not allowed to talk about the work we do in class, but it’s powerful, embodied stuff that i’m so excited about.