sarah sze at tanya bonakdar

i’m so glad marina sent out an email about sarah sze’s show and artist talk at tanya bonakdar gallery.

notes on the talk i didn’t hear

i trekked from bed-stuy to chelsea to hear sarah speak. i was early, but all the seats were already taken. more and more people filtered in and smushed together to stand in the back of the room. i asked a guy who was recording the talk if he was livestreaming, and he said no but that the gallery would eventually post video of the talk on their website. with this piece of information, i left the smush to check out sarah’s work and will watch the video of her talk when it gets posted.

i do think galleries should livestream talks like this and in a way that lets people write in questions during the q&a session. not everyone who cares about art and artists can get to galleries easily. this system doesn’t have to be fancy—there could be a hashtag for the talk that people could use to tweet their questions in, or folks could just tweet at the gallery.

this artist talk at a gallery in chelsea is packed. who got all the seats? everyone who arrived on time or 5 min late is standing around uncomfortably. why don’t galleries livestream stuff like this?


notes on the work

a visual vocabulary of threads and shards and shreds, sharp and reflective and delicate. one sculpture: splotches of paint create patterns across thin blue strings, weighing them down. the splotches are fall-colored, tiny paint leaves. a sze strategy: a natural-looking thing (leaf) that, on closer inspection, is a not natural thing (paint) composed in a way that feels like it should tell us something, should mean something. a data visualization, but we’re not sure what the data source is. in another part of the room, gray muck on human-size mirrors keep us from seeing ourselves completely. did we make the muck?

a sculptural piece in another room—a dark room—is made of blue tape and glass shards and light and wires. a plastic water bottle doubles as a vase for dead grass. you hear water trickling from a plug-innable thing you could get at home depot. a clock shows you how many hours and minutes and seconds have passed and are passing. a useful piece of information from the press release (there are no titles of lists of materials anywhere):

A computer within the sculpture scrapes data from a NASA website that measures the distance between Earth and the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which has been in orbit since 1977.

downstairs, scaffolding precariously supports a world of huge ladders, careful arrangements of thread and skins of paint draped over wire, shreds of images. paper coca cola cups sit on the ladder rungs, left by the people who were just climbing, attaching something or plugging something in somewhere up there. how does it all stay standing?

sarah sze’s work about the environment: delicate and exposed af


wynne greenwood @ new museum

from the exhibition text for “kelly”:

“Real teenager stuff that remains a central part of my being in the world and in particular my relationship with authority/institution… the whole project could be seen as a study in obligation, desire, separateness and relationship. What holds us together?”

“Starting to think more about the “public” body. The body at the party, the party body, the gendered body. What’s private? When is making the private public a political act, an empowering act, and when is it something else?”

“Being invited into this big institution, I wanted to bring my friends, community, history, influences.”

“Beginning to become aware of isolation as a complex thing—politically, culturally, emotionally. I was tired.”

“how do we give each other the space to dream? how do we make an alternative accessible without selling out? how do we expand without colonizing?”

“I want to talk about how queer sex is this really rad example of agreeing on a reality, like making up a reality and agreeing on it, that it exists, and so then it does. What does that mean in a bigger way, for the possibilities of defining a culture?”

“Becoming part of the/an institution, or at least supported by one. Compromise, ownership, truth and care.”

tracy + the plastics for prez

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loft bed ladder

my room is slowly coming together. i finally got the pieces i needed from home depot to build a ladder for my loft bed: three 2x4s cut into two 78″ posts and six 11″ rungs. i started assembling with #10 2″ zinc wood screws, but my drill kept stripping them. i switched to #10 3″ sheet metal screws which were much sturdier. now, i just need hooks to connect the ladder to the bed frame. and if were acting on my perfectionist tendencies (and had a saw), i would shave an inch or so off the bottom at an angle, so there wouldn’t be a gap where the ladder meets the floor.

loft bed ladder
loft bed ladder

loft bed build

wow. i got in a little over my head with this project—i’d never assembled anything other than ikea furniture—but my new room is small with really tall ceilings, so a loft bed made sense. i’d read only bad reviews of loft beds under $300 (although most non-ikea ones were closer to $500) and decided it couldn’t be that hard to make one from scratch. there are tons of resources online for DIY loft beds: plans, cut lists, etc.

so i went for it. i think building is a lot like baking. i’m not very good at baking, but i built the thing anyway. i probably spent $200 all in (including a corded impact drill, of which i am now the proud owner), i learned a lot about myself and pilot holes and gender norms at hardware stores in the process, shed minimal tears, and it hasn’t fallen down yet. victory!

junk shop desktop

i picked up this neat singer sewing machine base on craigslist before i knew what exactly i was going to do with it. the base was really rusty, so i got some cancerous pink goo at the hardware store to get most of the rust off. after a few hours of scrubbing outside (a great way to make friends in the neighborhood, btw), i snuck the base past roommates and into our bathroom where i rinsed off the remaining goo in the shower. steel wool helped, too.

the top of the desk came from the itp junk shelf. i love the weird designs the cnc machine left behind. i attached it with four 1 1/2″ 5/16 hex bolts.

internet yama-ichi observations

“A free to attend “Internet-ish” flea market. Featuring over 120 vendors!”

website here and facebook event here

  • i’m gonna be “that guy” and wonder aloud: at what point can we expect “internet-ish” art to engage with things that affect real people’s lives? cards inked by hand with computer-combed data sets are neat and so is ASCII porn, but it feels weird to continually defend a lack of groundedness as “experimentation”
  • that said, lots of people! IRL! cool space!
  • lots of anxiety about how much time we spend on our phones, how flaky we are, how ADD we are, how awkward we are
  • lots of making computer-generated things by hand (pixel pillows, pixel tapestries, IRL spam, IRL emojis, IRL memes, Instagram photos)


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