who are the guantanamo detainees?

do you know? i don’t know. until a few days ago, i’d never taken the time to look through the files that wikileaks published a few years ago. wikileaks has these inmate profiles indexed by inmate number or name.

part of my interest in this is about learning how someone ends up in the atrocious place that is guantanamo without due process. how bad are these bad guys? what kind of bad are they? are they like us? did we have a role in making them? in starting to read these profiles, i’m learning about these men and am particularly interested in the “prior history” section of these documents.

another part of my interest in this data set is something about chelsea manning not being in solitary in vain. if she risked her life to leak this information, we sure as hell better do something good with it, right?

wikileaks.org interface


making a javascript array from ISN and “prior history”


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