autocomplete next steps

surya spent several hours with me helping me strategize about next steps for autocomplete. i’m quickly putting some notes here so i remember:

  1. write the tern definition file for *one* piece of the p5 source code *by hand*. this will give me the ability to see how autocomplete works when it does what i want to. he suggested p5.image because it has the most logical schema, i.e. a prototype with private methods. much of the rest of p5 is add-ons to one global p5 object.
  2. specifically, parse every line that starts p5.image.prototype as well as the @method for that object
  3. once that’s done, test the def file in the tern.js demo. like the one here but forked and cloned with the new p5 def file added.
  4. once that’s working, create a python script to read into every p5 source file and repeat the process i went through with p5.image.

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