By u’the darkness vested in me as President

the api is bad but twit is good!

all you need is an index.js file with this stuff in it:

some usage:

  • get tweet ids of the most recent 20 tweets from a given user name

  • get the most recent statuses that include the query

  • literally the most annoying way to get twitter bios of richard spencer’s followers

here’s a sampling of richard spencer’s followers’ twitter bios, after lots of cleanup:

PC Gamer. Social Democrat. Egalitarian. Admin at @TheDPWiki. I revel in your butthurt.

Biblical Christian and anti-corporate Libertarian. Jesus is my Good Shepard not the State or Allstate and we are definitely in the last days.

FutureDanger is an American news link Heatmap Dashboard. Achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators in one view. Be prepared. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

The Donald and #MAGA to save The Merica. Kek Meme generation and Ody cat integration.

Official Twitter of the Aggie Helicopter Enthusiasts.\nLeading the struggle against Marxism at Texas A&M University



“But isn\t that the way it is? Every goddamn time. Your prayers are always answered in the order they\re received.”

^^ #FIFOprayers

tagged with this script:

…[Sentence(‘Altruism/NN/B-NP/O :/:/O/O Selfless/NNP/B-NP/O Self/NNP/I-NP/O Destructive/NNP/I-NP/O death/NN/I-NP/O Cult/NN/I-NP/O religion/NN/I-NP/O Philosophy/NN/I-NP/O and/CC/I-NP/O Language/NN/I-NP/O of/IN/B-PP/B-PNP Irrationalism/NN/B-NP/I-PNP Socialism/NN/I-NP/I-PNP Communism/NNP/I-NP/I-PNP Fascism/NNP/I-NP/I-PNP all/DT/I-NP/I-PNP Wars/NNP/I-NP/I-PNP ././O/O’), Sentence(‘AltTrue-ism/NN/B-NP/O =/SYM/O/O Lies/NN/B-NP/O’)]…

but my old script from last week worked fine too, as long as i erase emojis and other weird stuff. so through last week’s script. 

cat bios-phraseGrep-clean.txt | python > grammar4.txt

here’s my fav:

TASK FORCE ON u’everything software AND PUBLIC SAFETY By u’the darkness vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to reduce crime and restore public safety to communities across u’the solution, it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. It shall be u’the name of the executive branch to reduce crime in America. Many communities across the Nation are suffering from high rates of violent crime. u’the time on law and order and u’the truth and security of the American people requires u’the gallows to enforcing u’the state and developing policies that comprehensively address illegal immigration, u’no gf, and violent crime. The Department of Justice shall take u’the lamentation on Federal actions to support dog lover~runner efforts nationwide and to collaborate with State, tribal, and local jurisdictions to restore public safety to all of our communities.

okay, but this was all sooooo messy. things i need to improve next time:

  • workflow for bio responses through phraseGrep script! this time, i was copy/pasting the console.log of the bios, 100 at a time where each one looked ‘like this’, into a txt file—but when i looked at the file in the python interpreter, each line wasn’t registering as a line in an array. there was just a bunch of garbage punctuation to get rid of. bummer.
  • also, to keep this all python, i should tweepy (python) instead of twit (js). i wonder if i can get the same info with that?
  • sentence tagging! sometimes tagging words is better, sometimes keeping the sentences in tact is better.
  • also, how to get most frequently occurring POS tags?

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