undoing the demos

this is where i’ll collect quotes from wendy brown’s book undoing the demos that i think are relevant to my project of something something organizing, digital platforms, and labor:

“The transformation of labor into human capital and of workers into entrepreneurs competing with other entrepreneurs obviously obscures the visibility and iterability of class to an even greater degree than classical liberalism does. It also eliminates the basis for alienation and exploitation as Marx conceived them.” -p65

“Third, when everything is capital, labor disappears as a category, as does its collective form, class, taking with it the analytic basis for alienation, exploitation, and association among laborers. Dismantled at the same time is the very rationale for unions, consumer groups, and other forms of economic solidarity apart from cartels among capitals. This paves the way for challenging several centuries of labor law and other protections and benefits in the Euro-Atlantic world and, perhaps as important, makes illegible the foundations of such protections and benefits.” -p39

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