coding together at scale

i found a paper i’m really excited about! this finding really sticks out to me: “We find a very low reciprocity of the social ties, which is remarkably different from the findings of studies of other types of social networks.”

this reminds me of another line that’s been stuck in my brain for a few months now: “Email, texting and messaging apps are social reciprocity factories” from tristan harris’s very insightful article last spring. harris is talking about how so many social technologies hijack our attention and agency. in this context, github’s “low reciprocity of social ties” feels like a positive characteristic. i wonder if there is something here about the importance of weak links in social networks. barabasi talks a little about this in linked which i’m still reading for tom’s class.

i do wish there were more in this study about github projects as nodes for connecting people, even if they’re not exactly collaborators on a branch. i only skimmed, so maybe it actually is in there. either way, excited to have a lead here.

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