3 next steps

i see my project in this studio as framing some of the technical things i’m doing outside of class in terms of what it means to build stuff with people; in other words, this project is about collaborative projects as a medium, as process.

3 next steps:

  • sketch out [in words] the main argument/hypothesis that’s floating around in my brain. something something scalable collaboration.
  • pick 3 writers, thinkers, or artists who have said things about this
  • make some wordless gifs or sketches around concepts i learn about

project statement/how i want to spend the semester:

my brain dump/storm raised a bunch of formats, sources, and projects i’m interested in. i’m really interested in the role of the web in producing, revising, distributing ideology and history. that’s too much for one semester. so to narrow things a little: this semester, i’d like to articulate, in words and pictures, something about certain kinds of tech as a medium for collaborative process, and the relationship between collaborative process and ideology.

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