day 3: draw it out

i’m working on a patch for adding a button that lights up if there’s a playable URL in the page.

jared sent some links and explanations, but i also needed to draw it out.



“OK, so you’ve got a content script, that runs in each web page, and your addon code, which isn’t in the page and can’t see it

So you’ll want your content script to always load on every page, and do a querySelectorAll check for the youtube href*= selectors used by the context menu code

Once the content script (loaded by pageMod) finds a hit in the page, it should send a message back to the main addon script, telling it to light up the button

We’ll also need to detect when a new page loads and un-highlight the button (hopefully you can do this from the addon, without involving a content script, but I’m not sure)”


  1. get the script in the page to send over a message, and have the addon code just console.log something when it gets the message so you can convince yourself messaging is working. I think self.port is the addon SDK wrapper around postmessage.
  2. once you’re able to send messages over, then you can have your content script look for youtube links in the page, and send over a message that says if it found a match
  3. and then you can update the addon code to toggle the button state based on whether a matching link was found


sdk guide to content scripts

port object



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