summer: outreachy, amc, dark ecologies, zine dreams

well. it’s been a helluva semester. i’m working on a longer post about what this year has been for me. but in the meantime: summer plans!

i’m soso thrilled to be an outreachy intern with mozilla this summer! outreachy “helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved.” so a bunch of free and open source software projects offer internships, and you apply, and then you write code all summer and dream in javascript (or python or whatever). i wrote a post earlier about the bug i worked on for my application.

i’m excited to join mozilla because eitan works at mozilla! just kidding, kind of. but i really did drink the mozilla kool-aid years ago. i love their teaching tools, the fact that they fund opennews and thoughtful tech journalism r&d, that they show up at detroit’s allied media conference in a big way, that their code is open. there are ex-mozillians working on p5.js. they are for real about tech literacy and advocating for the open web. i’m looking forward to working on the test pilot project specifically because it’s about letting firefox users play with potential new features before launch. yessss playtesting!

i’m excited to join the outreachy community because it’ll put me in touch with other women, and trans and gender nonconforming folks, and black and brown folks working in tech. i’ll be looking for ways to share what i learn, via writing and workshopping and whatever else i can think of.

on a related note, i’m trying to get better at teaching/learning, which is why i’m also soso thrilled to be presenting an intro to p5.js workshop at the allied media conference this summer. that’s in june, and i’ll post presentation notes here after. description:

What’s the potential of code as a creative medium? How is code political? In this workshop, we’ll use an open source creative coding language called p5.js to make a simple project that introduces Javascript concepts like functions, variables, and loops. We’ll also touch on the politics of open source projects and software in general. Participants will leave with their project files and a million links to resources for continuing to learn.

also, dark ecologies front-end dev project with the brilliant marina, nick, and rebecca.

also, tara and i have dreams of making a zine about data.

also, hopefully i’ll finally write that effing stingray article.

stay tuned,


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