outreachy bug fix for mozilla’s test pilot project

a very, very sketchy sketch of my process for working on a bug for mozilla’s outreachy application:

  • researched different teams and projects that were offering outreachy internships
  • decided on test pilot, an “iterative prototyping, user research, and opt-in user-facing testing platform.”
  • set up chatzilla, an irc add-on for firefox to communicate with mentors/team members
  • lurked on the #testpilot irc channel for a few days before finally reaching out to jared, one of the mentors, about which bug i should work on
  • chose the bug based on the words “this might be a little too ambitious”

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.00.35 PM

  • embarked on a 2-day computer binge of cloning repos, installing multifirefox, setting development preferences, creating a proxy file, getting familiar with the browser toolbox, and forgetting to eat.
  • the bug itself was not the difficult part. below is most of the solution:


  • the difficult part was setting up the testing environment, which involved docker and a bunch of command line stuff i was unfamiliar with. errors on errors.

error in console

error in js

error w docker-compose up

  • i asked a ton of questions, which felt not super comfortable for me, but was absolutely essential to continuing work on the bug. mentors were really helpful and responsive.

who knows whether i’ll get the internship. the project contribution is just a part of the application; i still have to write a bunch of words for humans about myself and my interest in mozilla, FOSS, etc. but it’s been great learning either way.

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