radio brainstorming

i have a few ideas for a semester-long radio project, but at this point i’m leaning toward doing something with the subway wi-fi infrastructure.

transit wireless, a bai communications company, installs and manages mta wi-fi. here’s tw’s public-facing webpage.

by digging around there, i learned that these freaky dangling things i’ve been seeing more and more of are actually antennae. they make up something340px-Antennas_of_Distributed_Antenna_System_in_New_York_City_subway called a distributed antenna system, and my understanding is that they’re relatively new infrastructural inventions. i think they work like relays to bounce messages to each other in spaces where it’d otherwise be difficult to get a radio/wi-fi signal.

i downloaded some fcc documents about this stuff: ownership, regulations, etc. i’d be curious to get the fcc IDs of some of the devices.

this is the land of a thousand rabbit holes, dangerous territory for me. more updates as i learn more.

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