i will talk to anyone

for our second assignment (first was a soundboard), we were supposed to do our own version of steve lambert’s “i will talk with anyone about anything (free)”.

i made these signs and stood outside the nyu student center with the first one.



it was raining, and i did not get much feedback. a few folks took photos. one guy told me hated his graduate program, but it wasn’t law school. he told me the rain created a problem with my sample. maybe he’s a stats or econ guy. at any rate, the rain turned my sign to mush so i went back inside.

then, i posted on my personal facebook page. a friend who’s currently in law school shared the post.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.16.43 PM

i tried to post a message & photos on the nyu school of law facebook page, but their settings prevent me from posting photos even if i “like” the page. i ended up posting without photos, and my comment ended up on the left side—under page stats, “about”, “photos”, and “videos”. in terms of location on the page, it takes 2.5 full downward swipes on the mouse to get there. no one will ever see it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.43.24 PM

the columbia law school doesn’t have an official facebook page; the unofficial one doesn’t let you post. there is a “columbia law school” group within the columbia facebook page, but it requires a columbia.edu email address. i looked at the university of washington’s law school page. they don’t let you post at all.

no comment

this is interesting. where are the public fora for this kind of feedback? how do institutions constrain conversations in physical and digital space? how do they use their presence on social media platforms to support the idea that they’re interested in engaging with the public, while, at the same time, limiting the kinds of engagement that are possible?

one way we know we’re asking the right questions in public, in physical space, is that security gets called or the cops come. in digital space, when there isn’t even an opportunity to appear, to be silenced, i wonder how we might signal to each other that we are asking questions at all.

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