IDF Meme Generator

Governments and institutions promote the best versions of themselves through their official social media channels. Meanwhile, history has archival footage of how these institutions’ actions have lined up with their stated values over time.

By combining the Twitter feed of the Israeli Defense Forces with archival images of Palestinian refugees from 1948, this project uses memes and archives as tools for contesting the incomplete histories we learn from official institutional sources.

Users first select a canvas from a gallery of captioned images from the United Nations digitized photo archives. Then, they select text from the official Twitter feed of the Israeli Defense Forces. As they select, the text appears on top of the image they chose to create a new image. Users can save and share their memes.

You can try a live (but unfinished) version of this project here.

Project Sources

United Nations Photo

Official IDF Twitter

Tweet Fetcher library by Jason Mayes


Code Gists

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