pcomp final: user testing, pt. II

we just had another round of user testing. dhruv wrote about a previous round; head to his blog for in-depth explanation and analysis.

here’s my (briefer) take:

  • some users thought both smells were good
  • some users thought both smells were bad
  • most users wanted more feedback and/or visual feedback
  • most users wanted instant feedback

in general, i think users found our device frustrating.

i attribute this to a few things:

  • the subjectivity of good and bad smells
  • how the framing of the device as a “teaching tool” sets user’s expectations around type and frequency of feedback

our team has some design decisions to make.

we also discussed framing our device to users not as a teaching tool, but as a singing practice accompaniment. it’s a thing that should make you want to practice more because you like the things it does: it smells good and it looks beautiful when you take it out of the closet/cabinet/desk. a thing that encourages you to practice more is, of course, a teaching tool in the end, but i don’t think it’s helpful to discuss it in those terms anymore.

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