icm final: gists, etc.


the screen shot below doesn’t look like much, but it’s progress!

i’ve figured out how to get an off-canvas image to canvas by clicking on it.

i’ve also figured out how to create a new line of text when the text string length exceeds the width of the canvas.

still lots to do, like figuring out:

  • how to only render text to canvas one time—currently, you can select text as many times as you want and the new text just appears on top of the old
  • how to get text spacing right—will there only be a top line and/or a bottom line? a way to adjust text size?
  • styling the photos in a grid under the canvas and incorporating captions

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 7.16.37 PM

i haven’t been great at documenting my progress on this project, but here’s the mini update:

    • i put together github gists of some of the code i’m testing out. you can check them out here.
    • i tried to break down the road blocks into more manageable pieces
    • i asked for help with this stuff:

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