art strategies final, pt. II

my friend showed me a very neat project that new york magazine just produced about one block in bed-stuy. it features interviews, video, infographics, and lots of links. i’m thinking about contacting the producers to find out about their budget and timeline, and i’ll write more about what i think of the piece soon.

i also:

  • went to the creative time summit at boys and girls high school in bed-stuy
  • ran my coffee shop idea by sharon lee de la cruz, an itp resident, artist, and anti-gentrification activist
  • looked up printing pricing (1 week turnaround)pricing for printing big
  • researched a coffee shop, sista’s place, that’s been in the neighborhood for a long time
  • met daniel

so i’m wondering what it looks like to use art to support work that’s already happening. sharon asked me an important question that i couldn’t answer, which was:

“what are you trying to say with this project?”

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