icm final: user testing

i’m making a twitter remix meme generator. it pairs a user’s twitter timeline with a set of archival images. you pick the tweet you want from the timeline, choose the archival image you want, drag the tweet onto the image, save, and share. sounds simple, but proving difficult-ish to code.

i’m interested in the medium of the meme. but i’m more interested in what can happen when we drag the present back to the past, what new things emerge when we ground our constantly updating now in history, when we acknowledge that we do in fact have and live in and are responsible for histories we did not choose. this is a political project. governments and institutions have twitter feeds where they perform the best versions of themselves. meanwhile, history has archival footage of how their actions have lined up with their stated values over time. i was intentional about pairing the twitter timeline (the israeli defense force) and archival images (palestinian refugees from 1948) i did, and the user can’t change them—can only work within them. that’s a thing about history.

user testing was today. i need better “way-finding” (for lack of a better word) on the page. people didn’t know whether they were supposed to pick a twitter user or hashtag they wanted, they couldn’t find the slider to scroll through archival images, they didn’t know they were supposed to drag tweets, etc. lots to figure out still, and i’m looking forward to getting it working.

work in progress
work in progress

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