pcomp: useful things from playtesting

yesterday, we brought in prototypes for the final to test on our classmates.

  • danny and tom both insisted on this one thing:


they encouraged us, instead, to note what people do with our prototype, how they move through it, etc., without knowing our big ideas behind the project.

  • they also said that if no one understands the project and it feels like a failure, that’s good feedback. we were not supposed to correct people. just like we wouldn’t adjust variables and constants in the middle of an experiment, we had to keep the same script for every person and adjust everything at once after a round of testing.

i really like these constraints. i wonder how the expectations around instant understanding change whether you’re making art for a gallery vs. building a puzzle game vs. something else.

  • related: i like that in all of our classes, we are encouraged to think about where our project will ultimately live—on the web, on the floor, in the street, in times square, in a newspaper?
  • danny also said this brilliant thing:

“it’s easy to complicate things; it’s hard to simplify.”

  • i liked that joy brought a form to fill out, not because it necessarily makes feedback easier to collect but because then there’s record that you got feedback. important when you’re working on a team or handing off a project to someone else who wants to know what your process was.
notes from playtesting
notes from playtesting

more notes from playtesting

gal showing strings and scale
gal showing strings and scale

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