pcomp final: data condensation

i switched gears from my last idea for the pcomp final.

melanie, zoe, and i all ran into each other at the radical networks conference a few weeks ago and decided to work on a data infrastructure project together.

we’re thinking about possibilities for visualizing the flow of data that surrounds us. in terms of physical structure, we’re inspired by this computational sculpture and these rubber strings. another potential direction would be using fog and light, like the illuminator collective did for this bust of edward snowden. this second option would be conceptually stronger for working with the issue of cloud computing.

i’m also thinking a lot about this stuff i found called electrosafe coolant, “a non-toxic, clear, odorless, dielectric mineral oil blend.” it’s used to cool server racks that store our bytes. especially as i think about some of matthew coleman’s work drawing connections between nuclear production and data center infrastructure—and slick, shiny, flat, fast, mostly meaningless tech buzzwords like “seamless” and “frictionless”; and the erasure of the means of production as well as the parallel ecological destruction on which that frictionless sheen depends—the non-toxic, clear, odorless stuff feels like such an apt object to think with.

anyway, marketing video for that strange product here.

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