ddc: online art gallery with comments

i’ve been thinking about ideas for online communities to build. here are a few really basic sketches for one, done with wireframe.cc:


homepage 1a featured artist or gallery at the top. you can click to learn more or scroll down to see what other artists are featured on the site. with this layout, i’m not sure whether the artists below the featured one would only be up for a certain time—in which case, this space would be a kind of online exhibition space—or whether it would become a repository of artists who have been featured in the past.

homepage alternative

homepage 2i really want livestreamed or at least recorded gallery talks to be more of a thing. this layout gives space for that.




featured artist

artist pagethis would be a page for a featured piece or featured artist. gallery/artist, commenters, and art media outlets all have space on this page, but i wanted to give commenters priority. not sure if there would be an upvote system or what kind of reputation thing would be in place. maybe they’d just be heavily moderated. the intense moderation would be a problem for scaling, but maybe the community wouldn’t be big enough for it to matter?

the funding/payment model for this project is important. the point of this site, for me, would be to engage more people in conversations about art, and i wouldn’t want people who are already excluded from lots of those conversations to be excluded by a paywall or by awful commenters. things to think about.

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