commlab: storyboarding a short film

dhruv, ann, and i are working together to produce a short piece about the chambers street station and post-9/11 surveillance. we’re using google docs to keep running notes with links to dropbox folders of footage we collect individually. this morning, we spent a few hours talking through our vision, cutting and pasting photos onto storyboard templates, and ultimately presenting our idea to the class.

storyboardin' some more
storyboardin’ some more

we got some good feedback and will start collecting video and audio this friday. we learned that it’s illegal to have a tripod in a new york subway, so we’re thinking through how to get footage down there. i think it will end up being a task for ann and me since dhruv is brown. hashtag making movies in a security state.

this is our to do list:

chambers st to do
chambers st to do

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