commlab: bike shop soundscape

jangle spoke single

jordan and i both bike a lot and love bike sounds, so we decided to do a bike soundscape and met at a shop in greenpoint last weekend to collect audio. we had:

  • a shotgun mic
  • a pair of fancy headphones
  • a pair of earbuds
  • a zoom recorder
  • 2 AA batteries
  • a bike shop full of bikes and tools and nice dudes

recording: delightful & surprising things

  • the sound of cloth on a rubber tire wheel
  • how eager bike shop people were to make cool sounds for us
  • how crisp our recordings were of taken-for-granted sounds like bells, locks locking, brakes braking, and chains jangling

recording: difficult things

recorder interface

  • the zoom recorder interface. there’s a lot of functionality packed into not that many buttons. in the daylight, we weren’t sure whether the MIC or REC lights were lit. did our recordings save? where’d they end up? were we listening to something old or recording something new? why were the right ear levels constant while the left ones were changing? gah!
  • knowing which settings to use from the MENU
  • motorcycles! and background noise in general.

piecing it all together

we were inspired by the video below to make something more musical and less linear. for folks without any prior logic x pro experience, i think we pulled off something pretty cool.

Bicycle Sounds from Stephen Meierding on Vimeo

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