wynne greenwood @ new museum

from the exhibition text for “kelly”:

“Real teenager stuff that remains a central part of my being in the world and in particular my relationship with authority/institution… the whole project could be seen as a study in obligation, desire, separateness and relationship. What holds us together?”

“Starting to think more about the “public” body. The body at the party, the party body, the gendered body. What’s private? When is making the private public a political act, an empowering act, and when is it something else?”

“Being invited into this big institution, I wanted to bring my friends, community, history, influences.”

“Beginning to become aware of isolation as a complex thing—politically, culturally, emotionally. I was tired.”

“how do we give each other the space to dream? how do we make an alternative accessible without selling out? how do we expand without colonizing?”

“I want to talk about how queer sex is this really rad example of agreeing on a reality, like making up a reality and agreeing on it, that it exists, and so then it does. What does that mean in a bigger way, for the possibilities of defining a culture?”

“Becoming part of the/an institution, or at least supported by one. Compromise, ownership, truth and care.”

tracy + the plastics for prez

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